Haworthia wimii-x-TrippleB X robust “Chocolate” hybrid (T683) – 15 seeds


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15 fresh seeds (harvested January 2020) of a cross between a Haworthia wimii-x-TrippleB (a hybrid by Gerhard Marx) and a robust Haworthia hybrid containing some “Chocolate” genes.

The wimii-x-TrippleB has lovely texture and pink color (much better than on the photo at times) but size influenced negatively by the wimmi genes, while the chocolate hybrid is a large and robust plant with nice brown color. One should get interesting combinations of color and texture from the complex genes involved in this cross and the shape should be excellent with nice re-curved leaves.

Seeds were harvested from both plants involved in the cross and mixed.

Photo’s were taken in very warm light conditions.

My hybrid number: T683