Orders during Covid-19 lockdown

The whole Covid-19 pandemic is still so unreal.

The initial lockdown in South Africa was for the period from 26 March to 16 April 2020. It was then extended to 30 April 2020. A phased relaxation was then implemented from 1 May 2020 with only some of the most critical businesses allowed to operate under a Level 4 lockdown. UPDATE: The lock down in South Africa is relaxing to Level 3 as from 1 June 2020 with postal services supposed to come into full operation. I should have a better idea of the effectiveness soon.

While nurseries have been fortunate to be included in the agriculture sector and can operate under strict rules during Level 4, courier and postal services are only allowed to transport essentials (e.g. medical and certain ecommerce items).

I am thus currently unable to send any seed locally or internationally.

Indications are that the postal service will start to operate again once we relax to a Level 3 lockdown. There is currently no indication when this will take place.

There is also a chance for different provincial or municipal levels. As at 8 May 2020, there is not yet one confirmed case of Covid-19 in my municipal district (with radius of about 50 – 100km around me) so we may be one of the first areas to benefit from such an arrangement. For once, one of the benefits staying in quite a rural area away from the big cities.

I currently have several paid orders that I am unable to send. A big thank you to those still placing orders at this time. Please be assured that these orders will be sent as soon as the postal service will accept them.

While I cannot guarantee that I will be able to send seeds in the very near future all I can guarantee is that I will ensure you get VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY at the end of the day.

There is also a good chance for some postal delays (here in South Africa and internationally) due to postal services being interrupted and operating under a new normal. I am not worried that envelopes will disappear (registered postal service has always been very secure), but may take a week or two longer to arrive at destination than normal.

I am also ring-fencing all funds received for unsent orders, if you are in a position that you need a refund, please send me a message and I will honour your request without any issue. I am fortunate to still have another income source at this point, proceeds from seeds sales mostly go into purchasing new genetics.

The seeds I list are always fresh and I intend to keep it this way. I have had very good success with germination of seeds older than a year, but there is a chance that germination percentage can decline. For orders where shipping is delayed and you are not 100% satisfied that you received value for money, be in contact and you can be sure that I’ll make up for it.

I will be listing more new fresh seeds in the near future. As some seeds are very limited and in short supply but also understanding that new buyers may be uncomfortable to pay in full for orders while I am unable to send them, I am offering an option of a 50% deposit on seed orders to reserve your seeds. The 50% balance will then be payable once shipping is allowed again. If I cannot shop for a real prolonged time, the deposit will be refunded on your request.

To make use of the deposit option – select “EFT for South African buyers only” at checkout. It will allow you to checkout without payment. I will then send a paypal request for manual payment of the 50% deposit. If you prefer to still pay in full, no problem, be assured the funds will be ringfenced and available for refund on request.

Please contact me if you require any further clarification.

If you are still under lockdown, enjoy the bit of extra time with your family and your plant hobby!

Update 14 May 2020: As per an update provided by the President it seems that we may be moving to a Level 3 lockdown by 1 June 2020, this is a positive development as the postal service is supposed to start operating fully during Level 3.