Hybrid numbers

To track my own work, I am using a numbering system starting with the letters “TP” followed by a numerical value.

For the benefit of previous buyers I am listing the details of all seeds that were sold before.

Photos of the motherplants and in some cases my own seedlings from the cross are available in my Facebook group. Navigate to PHOTOS – ALBUMS in the Facebook group.

T217Chockwonder-x-Flicka (ex Martin Scott) X fine white hairy white throat
T218“Daiginjou”-x-“Noble Star” X hariy pink brown (wimii?) hybrid
T222“Ashura” (ex Renny Wong) X “Peter Pan”-x-wimii (ex GM)
T228“Platinum” x white hairy hybrid
T237“Viking”-x-“Dracula” (ex GM) X cooperi pilifera
T238“Tsukahara” X springbokvlakensis
T239Haworthia fusca X major JDV90/22
T246PP plant (potentially PP5) X esterhuizenii-“Bev’s Wonder” (ex GM)
T247“Jayoi” X “Kegani”
T248“Green Crab” X badia-x-splendens
T254picta-x-“Ginsekai” X “Mordor”-x-“Lawrence Loucka” (pinker solitary clone)
T255crystallina hybrid X fat white hairy hybrid
T257springbokvlakensis X green frosty tips (truncata genes)
T259Haworthia vincentii open pollinated (by insects) (probably hybrids)
T260esterhuizenii GM320 open pollinated (by insects) (probably hybrids)
T262“Red Lantern” (ex Renny Wong) X badia Kleinberg (ex Ingo Beuer)
T293mundula X esterhuizenii
T294mutica Sanddrift X complex hybrid
T300pygmatoides multihybrid X maculata
T301“Daiginjo”-x-“Noble Star” X maculata
T303Haworthia “Matrix” x mundula
T306Haworthia asperula X Haworthia groenewaldii
T309Haworthia beukmanii “Emerald Giant” x bobii
T310PP32-x-“Chockwonder” X splendens
T311Haworthia magnifica variegated X retusa variegated
T312multifolia NW Muiskraal X magnifica variegated
T314Haworthia mutica S.Drew X badia Sandfontein
T373truncata “Masai-Zoku” X selected truncata
T387“Mordor”-x-sprinbokvlakensis X comptoniana
T391truncata (bought as “Dr Hayashi x Schoemanshoek”) X selected truncata
T397“Tsukahara” x badia
T403truncata “Van Gogh” (ex Renny Wong) X selected truncata
T404cuspidata-x-comptoniana X maughanii-x-comptoniana
T405transiens De Vlugt X comptoniana Vaalkrantz
T-G1Gasteria “Zaria” hybrid X Gasteria ellaphiae GM300
T-G2bGasteria batesiana (seeds from this plant) X Gasteria armstrongii
T-Tru1selected truncata (nice patterns) X large Dysselsdorp truncata