Hybrid numbers

To track my own work, I am using a numbering system starting with the letters “T” followed by a numerical value.

For the benefit of previous buyers and also to show the results of some crosses, I am listing the details of all seeds that were sold before.

I would love to share the results any buyers of seeds have achieved on the page for each cross. Please email them to me at any time.

I will try to catch up on updating this page over time, in the mean-time many photos of the mother plants and in some cases my own seedlings from the cross are available in my Facebook group. Navigate to PHOTOS – ALBUMS in the Facebook group.

T217Chockwonder-x-Flicka (ex Martin Scott) X fine white hairy white throat
T218“Daiginjou”-x-“Noble Star” X hariy pink brown (wimii?) hybrid
T222Haworthia “Ashura” (ex Renny Wong) X “Peter Pan”-x-wimii (ex GM)
T228“Platinum” x white hairy hybrid
T237“Viking”-x-“Dracula” (ex GM) X cooperi pilifera
T238Haworthia “Tsukahara” X springbokvlakensis
T239Haworthia fusca X major JDV90/22
T246PP plant (potentially PP5) X esterhuizenii-“Bev’s Wonder” (ex GM)
T247“Jayoi” X “Kegani”
T248“Green Crab” X badia-x-splendens
T254picta-x-“Ginsekai” X “Mordor”-x-“Lawrence Loucka” (pinker solitary clone)
T255crystallina hybrid X fat white hairy hybrid
T257springbokvlakensis X green frosty tips (truncata genes)
T259Haworthia vincentii open pollinated (by insects) (probably hybrids)
T260esterhuizenii GM320 open pollinated (by insects) (probably hybrids)
T262“Red Lantern” (ex Renny Wong) X badia Kleinberg (ex Ingo Beuer)
T293mundula X esterhuizenii
T294mutica Sanddrift X complex hybrid
T300pygmatoides multihybrid X maculata
T301“Daiginjo”-x-“Noble Star” X maculata
T303Haworthia “Matrix” x mundula
T306Haworthia asperula X Haworthia groenewaldii
T309Haworthia beukmanii “Emerald Giant” x bobii
T310PP32-x-“Chockwonder” X splendens
T311Haworthia magnifica variegated X retusa variegated
T312multifolia NW Muiskraal X magnifica variegated
T314Haworthia mutica S.Drew X badia Sandfontein
T373truncata “Masai-Zoku” X selected truncata
T387“Mordor”-x-sprinbokvlakensis X comptoniana
T391truncata (bought as “Dr Hayashi x Schoemanshoek”) X selected truncata
T397“Tsukahara” x badia
T403truncata “Van Gogh” (ex Renny Wong) X selected truncata
T404cuspidata-x-comptoniana X maughanii-x-comptoniana
T405transiens De Vlugt X comptoniana Vaalkrantz
T-G1Gasteria “Zaria” hybrid X Gasteria ellaphiae GM300
T-G2bGasteria batesiana (seeds from this plant) X Gasteria armstrongii
T-Tru1selected truncata (nice patterns) X large Dysselsdorp truncata