Hippeastrum pollination and seeds

Pollinating your own hippeastrum to get some seeds is quite easy. I even taught my two eldest kids to do it (they are starting to get addicted to plants as well). With the nice big flowers, it is much easier compared to haworthia.

My 7 year old daughter started her own youtube channel recently (has been a dream for 2 years already, and we gave in during the Covid-19 lockdown to create some videos with proper supervision). Here she shows how to pollinate a Hippeastrum flower and you can also learn a few Afrikaans words 🙂

After successful pollination, the flower will die off and the seedpods will start forming quite quickly. When ripe, the seedpods will start opening and are ready to be harvested and put in an open container to dry off completely. Seeds are best sown as fresh as possible.

Hippeastrum seedpods after successful pollination
Hippeastrum seedpods after successful pollination
Ripe Hippeastrum seedpods ready to be picked
Ripe Hippeastrum seedpods