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T222: Haworthia “Ashura” X “PeterPan”-x-wimii

The hybrid is a cross between Haworthia “Ashura” ex Renny Wong and a Haworthia “Peter Pan”-x-wimii (ex Gerhard Marx)

The plants were hand pollinated and seeds were harvested from both plants involved in the cross.

My hybrid number: T222

T222-Haworthia Ashura X PeterPan-x-wimii
T222-Haworthia Ashura X PeterPan-x-wimii

Update March 2020: These are some of my T222 seedlings as of March 2020:

T222 - Haworthia Ashura hybrid seedlings - March 2020
T222 – Haworthia Ashura hybrid seedlings – March 2020

Update March 2020: These photos were kindly shared by Stefan Smit that bought some of these seeds in 2018. Some marvellous seedlings and I’m really jealous of the fast growth he achieved. Now looking forward even more to see how my own seedlings will develop.

2 thoughts on “T222: Haworthia “Ashura” X “PeterPan”-x-wimii

  1. Why do you think there was such a big difference in the growth between your seedlings and Stefan’s? Any clues from Stefan? Was it climate, fertilizing, growing conditions, repoting into individual pots, etc etc? I didn’t think the growth difference would be so stark for seedlings that are only around 2 years old. Thanks for your time and website! Very interesting info here 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for the question. Stefan just did everything perfectly, ensuring they never stress from the start. Mine were stressed at times due to different factors, heat, water, overcrowdedness etc, what happens when one has way too many plants to care for 🙂

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